Become The Best Version of Yourself

Design a life where you are satisfied, enjoying optimal health tailored to your unique needs, and living in alignment with your highest purpose

Abundant Life Coaching

Ayurveda Wellness Coaching

Ayurveda Wellness Coaching

Make The Business Easy Coaching

Make the Business Easy Coaching

Leverage your inner resources to gain more clarity, clear your blocks, and take inspired actions that move you forward to fulfillment. Transform disruptive symptoms into vibrant health with Ayurveda’s holistic and natural healing system to support your unique wellness needs. Take the stress and imbalance out of your business practices and enjoy the success you want in a balanced way.

Invest in your wellness, life or business needs today to enjoy MORE of what you want, and less of what you don’t

You are in the right place if you are …

  • Not getting what you want in some aspect of life and you are READY to make a change
  • Are experiencing confusion, feeling stuck, or are tired of the distractions pulling you away from getting things done
  • Going on your own isn’t working and you want support
  • You need a safe space to explore, be heard, and get your answers

Life coaching is a proven tool to support you!

There are many benefits and reasons one you might choose coaching but these are the top five of why my clients say they are working with me.

Results: The bottom line is you want to achieve your important goals that will improve your life, wellness, or business.

Whatever level you shoot for – what I call being the best version of yourself – I will help you get the results you’re looking for. In a challenging space? Transform the block into success. In a great space? Take it to the next level because abundance is infinite!

Clarity: You’re stuck, confused, distracted, or too close to the situation to see clearly. I cut through the confusion with powerful questions for you to find your answers, use tools to expand your awareness, and brainstorm possibilities as you define your clear vision.

Having the space to talk it out and to have what you’re saying reflected back so you can really hear it is a central part of identifying the knowledge and answers already within you, no matter what issue you’re looking at.  As your coach, my job isn’t to simply the vision or the answers.  Rather I help you find what you already know.

Support: Staying on track, even when you know what you’re doing and where you want to go, can be challenging.  The coaching structure is purposely designed to provide an ongoing relationship of support to keep you anchored, counter life distractions, and keep you moving forward towards your goals and success.

Having a coaching in your corner offers consistency and accountability to gain deep inner clarity and action to move your forward,  key factors in achieving your goals.  However, knowledge and action aren’t enough.  Another key factor to saying on track for the long haul is acknowledgement and celebration.  As your life coach, I support your process and provide the space of accountability to step up and keep up. I also help you stay the course by remembering to celebrate and acknowledge the magnificent person you are and amazing things you’re doing that you may be overlooking.  Recognizing the achievements along the way provides a powerful inner energy from which to build and expand as you keep moving forward.

Explore: Life coaching provides a unique space not found with your family or friends, with a consultant, or even with a therapist (all of which have their own value). This is a neutral space where I have no agenda, no personal triggers, no attachments – it is all about you.

Enjoy a safe, accepting space where the only agenda is YOURS. Here you can be free to be your authentic self and explore you dreams, fears, challenges, hurts, and answers – and decide what to do with them now.

Action: You’ve got great ideas but can’t seem to bring them forward. Or you’ve hit a road block in your path and don’t know how to go forward.

Life coaching not only has to move your forward – I am ethically obligated to support your forward movement – it provides all the tools to do so.

From getting clarity on your right action to making sure the action is aligned with your authentic self to exploring blocks that seem to get in the way to holding accountability by following up on your prior self-commitments and larger goals to managing your progress in a balanced way – all the pieces come together to taking action.  Because self knowledge without action won’t move your forward to achieve your goal.

Each session at the end YOU choose your steps forward – whether a tangible action or an exploratory inquiry for further knowledge. As your coach, I witness it and check in next session to see how it went and what’s next.

Whether you choose Life Coaching, Make Your Business Easy or Ayurveda Wellness Coaching, you can begin to chart your new path to Be Your Best!

Clear the negative mental tapes or old cellular patterns, put your focus and energy on creating what you do want, re-align your daily habits to support health,  and start living through the power, brilliance, and magnificence right in front of you to enjoy greater…

  • Fulfillment and prosperity
  • Work-life balance, less stress, and greater ease
  • Optimal health in your body, mind and spirit
  • Confidence and expression of your truth
  • Harmony in relationships
  • A calm center to be powerfully dynamic in the rest of your busy life
  • Opportunities and natural growth in business

Schedule your complimentary 20 minute Success Strategy Assessment to get you MORE of what you want!

Take advantage of Jamie’s well-rounded experience to create the balanced and fulfilling life you deserve.  In this session, we’ll determine:

  • What you want in your wellness-life-business
  • The challenges you’re having getting there
  • What’s already working for you from which to build.

We’ll also discuss the coaching programs and services I offer and determine if what I do can help you get where you want to go.

This virtual session can be over the phone, via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom Meeting (the video meeting tool I offer for free to clients).

Of if you have trouble with the online schedule tool or prefer to schedule via the phone, feel free to call 262-389-5835 to GET STARTED TODAY!

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