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The Unfolding Of Health & Enlightenment

Learning to live with inner balance in harmony with the external world can change your entire life – including your bank account!

I know first hand since I used to live from a place of scarcity, imbalance and fear.

I was born a miser – great at compiling money and creating a safe but restrictive and narrow bubble around my life – not so great at spending, giving, living life fully.  Just balancing my check book used to turn my stomach in knots. I wasn’t even aware of how I was restricting my life through such energies, both in my profession as well as with my husband and children. This mental energy also affected how I felt about myself, my body and my life. I spent 7 years struggling with compulsive overeating in high school and college. And even after I stopped engaging in the destructive habits, I spent several more years understanding the nature of the mental patterning and experiences that had created the behavior and, more importantly, how to change it.

My journey of inner expansion began years ago when I entered massage school, which marked the start of my professional and personal journey of health and self-discovery.  Up until that point, I had lived very much in my head.  In fact, I excelled at doing organized, logical, and capable tasks – all of which are highly prized in our goal-oriented society.

What wasn’t so strong for me was how to fully know who I was, much less know how to BE – expressing my spirit and heart as well as my mind. This was not only unchartered territory, it was uncomfortable! And yet something – I’ll call it my spirit – led me to step out of my head and get into my body by going to massage school.

I knew that massage school was only my first step. Starting at this outer layer gave me the ability to begin to integrate my mind and body.  And the physical body provided a great resource of information and a tangible way for the inner wisdom to communicate. Yet, I knew there was more beyond this out layer, which led me to study Craniosacral therapy – still working with the physical but bringing in the subtle energies and emotions. And this unfolding led me to deepen my practice of yoga through teacher training.

Although I had been practicing yoga for over twelve years, I had not been able to hold a daily practice until I became introduced in 2004 to a style of yoga called Kundalini Yoga As Taught By Yogi Bhajan.  My first experience was at a Yoga Journal Conference and it was a major two hour wake-up call to a whole new level of experience. I felt energetically alive, aware and connected in a way I had not experienced before. And I wanted more! Thus I wound up driving back and forth to Chicago for a year to train in this powerfully expansive yoga designed for the busy householder. Busy householder – a perfect description of my life as a working mother of two!

(c) Can Stock PhotoIt was at the beginning of my yoga teacher training that I committed to hold a prosperity meditation for 1000 days.  Thinking I just needed more money and all would be good, I focused on prosperity.  Instead, my transformational process sky-rocketed. With just three minutes a day, the days flew by and I became blessed with ongoing professional opportunities, doubling my salary one year, stepping into the space of an entrepreneur, moving into a new place of honor and acceptance for myself and my husband, and living life in a harmonious and powerful way.

Along the way of those 1000 days, I discovered my lack of prosperity wasn’t about money, it was about self-trust. And what I gained was more than financial freedom – it was the deep acceptance, love and understanding of who I am, what I uniquely need, and that I am always supported by the universe. This self-knowledge and love gave me the ability to better live in alignment with my truth – and prosperity flowed into my whole life.

From this space of self-truth and trust, I had the courage to become a businesswoman and step into the space of not only sharing my gifts professionally, but in having the faith and trust to run my own prosperous business. I continued to deepen my personal and professional skills with Life Coach training and the study of Ayurveda, the ancient healing system from India and the sister science to yoga. Ayurveda gave me the structure to understand so much of what I already knew and felt – it explains in a common sense way how our bodies and minds are uniquely affected by factors in life and why we are never the same on any given day.  Ayurveda provided me with the framework to consciously navigate my health and life – and help clients do the same – in an empowered, healthy, holistic way.

Each component of my training and life experience has added to my awareness, my resources and my confidence in how to live in health and enjoy harmony between my inner world and the outer world.

And as far as my physical health, I have never in my entire life been healthier. Gone are both the physical and mental habits of compulsive eating. I am rarely sick and, when I am, I recover easily and quickly.  I use the opportunity to clarify what is imbalanced and to ask myself, “What do I need to pay attention to?” Coming back into balance is now a simple process of making small adjustments and knowing what tools I need to use in any given moment. I’m even going through the fun hormonal changes of peri-menopause with ease – no more optical migraines, mood swings, menstrual imbalances and I’m happy to report that I have avoided hot flashes completely!

I have learned how to balance my digestive system decreasing the symptoms of periodic gas, bloating and mild constipation I thought were normal. I am able to digest and absorb nutrients more effectively so my energy and metabolism are balanced and my immune system robust.

I reversed my foggy memory, mental fatigue, and inability to always remember names that started after I had kids (I kept telling myself it was a natural result of all the blood going from the brain to the belly!) through the use of herbs, a Kundalini yoga meditation, and other techniques to balance my wind or vata life force.  I am fit, feel good, am living life filled with activities that bring me joy, and have positive relationships that sustain and nurture me including the most important one – with my Self (the infinite part of me).

I used to think of enlightenment as an end point – one that loomed just out of my reach. My vision of enlightenment was the end point of a journey, a state of permanent balance and health. I thought if I learned enough, had the perfect yoga practice, and worked hard enough, I would eventually achieve it – and could then cross it off my life “to do” list and move on.

Along the way, I discovered that this end point I was searching for doesn’t exist because life and balance are always changing. I am not static, but rather am always growing, changing and flowing with the external forces in life. Instead of enlightenment being the end, it can exist in any moment when I am in alignment with my Self.  Life and my enlightened state is actually an ongoing journey of expansion with each day bringing new gifts of awe, joy and wonder.  It is being my best – no more, no less – as my best changes in each moment and each day.

It was at this point that I quit “working” the process and began enjoying the ride. Instead of just wanting to get the job over and done with, I began to wake up each morning and be excited to see what new things would unfold in my life. I let go of the expectation of getting the job done and opened up to experiencing the fullness of life.

And in this space of connection – grounded in my resources – life flows with ease, abundance and grace.  And you can do this, too!

As an holistic wellness-life-business coach, my goal is to support YOU.

I have no personal agenda other than authentically wanting you to be the best that you can be in your life, your business, and your health.  Nor am I attached to the specific resources or techniques I have in my bag of professional tricks. I also am not here to judge or scold you based on the choices you make.  I will, however, offer my authentic, honest, & compassionate feedback of what I hear being expressed from your highest self so you can better see and claim it.  And I will hold a neutral space for you filled with acceptance and possibilities so you can explore and discover how to put the pieces together to complete your puzzle.

I offer you a variety of resources for support, therapeutic modalities to help restore internal balance, empowering education, moral support, and the space of accountability. You get to choose and create what best supports you and how to incorporate the changes in order to achieve your goals.

I am here to help you BE YOUR BEST – a healthy body and mind, vibrant energy and a fulfilled life.

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