Yoga & Meditation Coaching

Ease Stress, Increase Brain Longevity, and Promote Better Health

Coaching to Integrate Meditation, Pranayam or Yogic Exercises Into your Self-Care Practices

As a long-time yoga practitioner, I know personally that my most powerful and accelerated personal growth results came from being able to integrate the yoga tools into my life on a daily basis.

Don’t panic!

Daily does not have to mean any set routine or time to be effective.  Daily means being able to integrate effectively one or more of the yoga building blocks into your self-care practices.  This is what I did – commit daily to doing a breath exercise, mantra recitation, meditation, yoga postures, or several put together.  

I released overly restrictive expectations and made it doable.  No specific time frames, no specific routine.  And in doing so, I have not missed a single day of practice in nine years!  And this daily practice – which keeps my body strong, my systems well-tuned, and my mind in a balance, responsive mode – transformed my life, my mindset and is a big part of truly helping me be my best self.

And you can do this, too!

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan is transformational and efficient for our modern age and is the yoga I primarily use for myself and my clients. However, if this is not the style for you, I also utilize Hatha yoga techniques. When creating deep change, to be most effective, the meditation, breath technique, or exercise set is ideally held for 40 days straight…the amount of time it takes to change a habit.

However, even if you chose not to commit to 40 days, using any amount of yoga or meditation as part of your daily self-care is always a great idea!

Included in the individual yoga & meditation coaching sessions are the following steps:

  • Step One: Intention Assessment: There are literally 100’s of kriyas and meditations with specific goals and results to support your journey. Before you even come in for the session, I talk to you about your goals and explore the essence underneath your intention. We also agree on an amount of time you are comfortable with doing the yoga daily. Instead of a full yoga set, you may be looking for a simple daily routine or a series of exercises aimed at one of the chakras. All are possible options.  To start your yoga coaching, schedule your 15 minute intention assessment
  • Step Two: Set/Meditation/Pranayam Choice: I then take the information into my meditation space to receive guidance about what is the best choice for you at this particular time.
  • Step Three: Schedule the Yoga Appointment: Once I have the information chosen for you, you then set up your 60 minute yoga coaching or 30 minute meditation coaching session. All sessions are done in a video virtual format such as FaceTime, Skype or Zoom.  During the session, I guide you through the entire meditation, pranayam, or yoga set, so wear comfortable clothes. At the end, I answer any questions and give you the written instructions.
  • Follow Up and Support: You then schedule additional 30 or 60 minutes sessions as needed to integrate, deepen, add more building blocks, and clarify your new yoga and meditation practice. It is recommended when starting, to schedule a package of sessions to support your 40 or 90 day commitment for best results.


Self Investment:

  • 60 minute session: $108
  • 30 minute session: $65
  • 40 day package with 1 60 minute starter session plus 3 – 30 minute follow up sessions: $240
  • 90 day package with 1 60 minute starter session plus 6 – 30 minute follow up sessions: $375


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