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Jamie Durner: holistic life, wellness & business coach

Assisting YOU in claiming the abundant MORE you want in your life, relationships and business and achieving your wellness goals on all levels of body, mind, and spirit.

Jamie Durner is an accomplished Holistic Life-Wellness-Business Coach, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Inspired Learning Facilitator. She combines her many talents in a holistic approach to empowered self-care and living an abundant life. She offers individual 1:1 consultations, group wellness programs, community workshops, corporate wellness in-services, and home support products. Jamie Durner is an accomplished speaker, author and educator in the wellness field.

  • Talented, energetic, supportive and focused
  • Twenty-five years experience in wellness therapies with over 3500 hours training
  • Twenty-five years experience as wellness workshop developer and speaker
  • Thirty years as a yoga/meditation practitioner and twelve years as a yoga teacher

Jamie specializes in helping individuals find relief from today’s modern #1 ailment – the “too busy” syndrome and the accompanying issues of chronic health symptoms, stress, overwhelm, and disconnect.

With my individual personal work-life blueprints, you can FINALLY create and live a balanced and abundant life using these core seven transformative principles:

One: You are your own best resource.  Though I am here to provide resources, inspiration, accountability and support your answers, the truth is that your balance and healing is already inside of you.  I help you step into your balanced power, learning to connect to your inner compass points that show you the right path.  I help you discover the answers that are right in front of you but are buried under the sheer busyness of life, negative mind tapes, old cellular memory, and the default patterns of your conditioned life experiences.  Throughout our sessions, you develop the self-care tools and habits, deeper awareness about yourself, and the confidence to enjoy the healthy work-life balance you deserve.

Two: You are absolutely unique.  Each of you in a distinctly different and special person.  As I develop your personal blueprint, I acknowledge the unique nature, needs, and goals of the individual and weave them the plan in partnership with the client’s own inner wisdom.  To be in balance, express your authentic voice, enjoy a prosperous business, and live with optimal health you each need different things.  I support you to embrace, understand, honor, and express your authentic nature – make the most of it!

Three: You want long-term positive results.  Quick fixes are a tempting lure but fail to provide you with lasting results that yield a healthy, balanced life.  Instead of just getting rid of your symptoms and playing whack-a-mole with work-life stresses, I support the transformative change on the root levels to dissolve and decrease the contributing factors that create the pain in your body and dissatisfaction in your life, relationships, and business.

Four: A positive focus create results faster and more effectively.  Having a positive mindset opens your energy to receiving the abundance and magnificence of all that is already working and expanding for this space.  You likely already know what isn’t working!  There can be lessons and information to be gained from that uncomfortable space.  Yet, putting your eye on what you WANT and what is working is more effective to helping you get more of what you want.  The Fulfillment Model of coaching I use, helps fuel more success easier, faster and with longer-lasting results.

Five: A carrot really is more effective than a stick.  You learn and change best when you feel comfortable, heard, and supported.  As your coach, you can count on me to be accepting and supportive in a safe, non-judgmental, and neutral space.  Science has shown that positive recognition accelerates your goal setting, trust, accountability and communication – and supports you in being in the most productive and happy space to get things done. I will be there to call you on your stuff or give you the nudges when you need them, but the focus is to celebrate your magnificence and keep you connected to your own infinite resourcefulness and align your actions with your core values and life purpose.

Six: Modern life is hard and you need to keep it real.  I acknowledge that life is messy and that the very attachments and baggage you are wanting to dump and paying to get rid of are not easy to cut off.  That’s why although we strive for you to move towards your ideal, to make decisions from where you want to me instead of being limited where you are.  But within that striving, we also are honest about what you are capable of right now, in any moment.  Aim big but honor where you’re at to maintain the balance even while you stretch.

Seven: Keep your ‘It’s Easy’ button close at hand.  You’re already overwhelmed and don’t want your self-care to add to that load.  Making it easy is about breaking down the seemingly big process of change into manageable steps forward.  ‘One step at a time’ is a common mantra because it works.  With each step you hold, you anchor in a habit. Each new habit furthers the momentum of success, which keeps you up and moves you forward.

Who doesn’t want more work-life balance?

Life is interconnected.  Having the peace of mind and ease you want means addressing the time and energy flows between your work and personal life.

Time and energy.  That’s what it boils down to.

Having the time and energy your relationships – family, friends, #1 squeeze -deserve.

Time to enjoy the activities that make getting up in the morning worth it.

Breathing room and spaciousness that creates a sense of ease and freedom in your life.

For holistic independent practitioners, spending less time on the business stuff easy so you can focus more time and energy on your true passion and gifts.

Expanding energy that grows rather than drains because you are expressing your  soul purpose into all areas of life for highest fulfillment and increased career satisfaction.

Helping Professional Women Finally Break Free From Stressed-Out With My Exclusive Work-Life Balance Blueprint

Jamie’s expertise and natural talents is ideal to support you with…

  • Stress relief – finally swap the overwhelm, frazzle and imbalance for peaceful, balanced, centered and confident
  • Life-work balance on YOUR terms – quit swimming upstream against your nature; make it work FOR you
  • Life and work transitions – leverage the opportunities and lessons and come out on top
  • Expanding abundance and prosperity in your life and business – tap into your authentic alignment for your best success
  • Vibrant health – being successful shouldn’t mean losing your health
  • A solid path to profitable, predictable, and sustainable business practices for independent holistic practitioners – link up with your best clients and up-level your income AND still enjoy your balance
  • Holistic Corporate Wellness programs – inspire your teams and create win-win growth and healthy success for the employees and the company’s bottom line
  • Harmonious relationships – develop healthy boundaries and effective communication to life each other up and get back to enjoying time together
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(c) Can Stock Photo

Though her professional background is seemingly diverse, Jamie finds that when used together, the tools create magical and deeply transformative experiences. The time tested, five-thousand year Ayurvedic model of health helps you make sense of your unique constitution, understand the meanings of your symptoms and dis-ease conditions, and see with new awareness how your choices and the world affects you. While Ayurveda gives you a complete HOW TO on every aspect of life, sometimes knowing WHAT to do isn’t always enough. You might know exactly what to do that is best for you, yet still find yourself stuck in patterns and habits that create imbalance, inner angst, and disruptive symptoms in your body, life, and relationships. This is where professional coaching comes in. Jamie has discovered, for herself and her clients, that coaching adds the missing layer to be most successful in moving forward on your journey.

Being a professed life-long learner, Jamie’s 3500+ hours of professional studies have included Ayurveda medicine, advanced study of aromatherapy, life coaching and inspired learning facilitation, numerous bodywork techniques including Swedish, integrative, pre-natal, neuromuscular therapy, shiatsu massage, craniosacral therapy, somato-emotional release, polarity, reiki, Ayurveda energy healing, Ayurveda bodywork and Panchakarma therapies; hatha and kundalini yoga, transcendental and vipassana meditation, and neurolinguistic programming.

In addition to formal studies, much of her journey of self-expansion and consciousness has come from living these practices as part of her daily life.  Jamie strives to bring her self-care practices into her daily personal and professional activities, living the healthy lifestyle she coaches her clients on. In living an aligned life, she finds greater ease, balance and bliss. And the journey continues. Though Jamie has enjoyed major transformations in the course of her life and studies, she also continues to have real and challenging human experiences, such as her ongoing quest for the right balance between structure and flexibility mirrored by her dual pitta-vata nature. She holds the space for being committed to fully live her soul purpose with an awakened consciousness while recognizing that balance comes from being less than perfect in this chaotic, imbalanced modern life. Staying sane and balanced to her, means using the 80/20 rule – 80% of the time supporting herself with alignment, 20% dealing with what is and answering the call of attachments with eyes wide open!

In addition to her private practice, she serves on staff at Kanyakumari Ayurvedic and Yoga Training Center in Glendale, WI teaching business and marketing classes, supervising interns, and being the Internship Coordinator through the close of the school in 2018.

She is the creator of the transformational group programs: “Creating Health & Harmony”, “Healing from the Inside Out: the chakras and beyond”, “Healthy Weight, Healthy You”, and the “Be Your Best Cleanse”.  She is also a contributing author in the books: “Yoga in America” and “Your Better Body: The Woman’s Holistic Guide for Health & Wellness” as well as being a regular writer for local magazines and online wellness sites

A native of Colorado, Jamie lived in Brookfield, WI with her family for 20 years before moving to Overland Park, KS in 2017.   She loves to read, hike, bike, ski, play games, play in general, explore, learn and travel – which has included her leading wellness retreats to Peru, Costa Rica, and India.

My personal mission is to make the world a better place.

I started off my career thinking I would go into international social work.  Instead, I found that the personal level of interaction supporting people in a holistic, expansive way was a better fit.  But my passion of supporting our world continues.  I aim to do this not directly through political mechanisms or social transformation, but indirectly at the level of individual well-being and expansion of consciousness. My belief is that this “better place” starts with each of us becoming healthier, happier, and in harmony with our authentic, infinite selves and living in balance with the world around us.

One person becoming healthy and whole creates a ripple that spreads out first to your family, then to your community, and slowly out to the larger world. One person at a time CAN make a difference. As each person steps into and lives from a space of health and harmony, so, too, can we create a healthy and harmonious world.

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