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Unless I’m on vacation, I try my best to answer emails and phone calls within 24-48 hours of receiving them. If you do not hear back from me and there is no notice of being out of town on my voicemail, there may have been a technical glitch. In that case, I would appreciate it if you would re-send the email or leave me another voice mail.

Scheduling your Appointment

new year new you programIf you are new or exploring working with Abundant You Coaching

For all potential clients who have not worked with Abundant You Coaching before, your first step is to schedule a Complimentary Success Strategy Assessment.

The purpose of this 30 minute session is to learn more about your current situation, where you want to go in terms of your wellness, life or business goals, what you need or want, and the challenges you’re having getting there.  We’ll also discuss the holistic coaching programs I offer and determine if what I do can help you get where you want to go. And if there is a successful fit, your next steps will be explained and the appropriate new client forms will be emailed to you.

This session is available via a phone, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom (my service for which I provide a meeting link) video meeting format.  State your preference in the NOTES section when you schedule.  If using Skype, please list your Skype name so I can send a connection request.

For existing Abundant You Coaching clients or once you have had your strategy assessment

For convenience and ease of viewing the schedule and booking appointments, take advantage of the Automated Scheduling System.  This simple online tool allows you to choose the type of service you need, check availability, and receive email confirmation and reminder notices for your appointment.  You can also use your appointment confirmation notice to reschedule or cancel an appointment so save it once you receive the email.

Once you schedule, please send me an email to let me know which virtual preference you would like in terms of phone, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom Meeting.  If using Skype, please provide your Skype name so I can send a connection request.

The scheduling tool is accessible throughout the website through the pop-up box with scheduling and contact options as well as above under the Automated Scheduling System.

If you are having trouble finding a time slot that meets your need or just prefer phone or email communication, please feel free to contact me by phone or email to schedule.

Types of Appointments

  • Coaching Sessions are available to schedule as part of the Holistic Coaching Programs including the Well-Being Continuum package of 3 sessions which follows one of the initial programs.  The standard coaching session is 50 minutes within the coaching programs and are booked in a 60 coaching minute slot.
  • Discover Your Magnificent Self session is the Discovery Session for the Holistic Coaching Programs with the Life-Work Balance Focus.  However, it’s vital inner YES compass points can also serve anyone going through a transition, emerging young adults, if you’re feeling stuck or disconnected, or anyone simply wanting to know themselves on a deeper level. Whether you’re in an ongoing coaching program or not, this session powerfully stands on its own.
  • Ayurveda Initial Assessment Part 1 and 2 are only for those doing one of the  Holistic Coaching Programs with the Ayurveda Wellness Focus.  To kick off the programs you have two appointments – part 1 and part 2 – which are ideally scheduled within 7-10 days of each other.
  • Herbal Phone Consultations are only for current clients needing a refill on their customized herbal formulas.  These herbal consults are 15 minutes.  If additional topics need to be addressed, an Ayurveda Wellness coaching session should be scheduled – 30, 45, or 60 minutes – to serve those issues.
  • Cleanse Instruction or Support are specific for one of the Ayurveda cleanse protocols.


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