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Tools & Tips to Bring Ease, Balance and Success to your Journey to Be your Best

All of these wellness resources are designed and chosen to help keep you on track and healthy by staying consistent at home. This is because it is what you do every day that affects your state of health. Therefore, your everyday self-care regimen sets the foundation for creating health and harmony in your body and your life. And to have a good daily routine, you need your resources!

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Enjoy these wellness resources for your support

Healthy Recipes

Healthy eating is a big part of living well. But when you are used to eating and cooking in a certain way, it can be heard to switch gears. I get you started by sharing some of my favorite recipes.

Since many of my clients are viewing food through the Ayurvedic lens, you will note that many of these recipes show the impact on each of the three Doshas and may also have seasonal recommendations for eating as well.

Have your own delicious, healthy recipes to share? Send them to me and I’ll post them for the group if they are a good fit.

Audio Yoga Class Series

Yoga support in the comfort of your home or on the road has never been easier. Currently there are five classes available with more to come. In each class you can choose either downloadable form (MP3 and PDF) or hard copy (booklet and CD).
Either format includes:

  • Complete 60 minute audio Kundalini Yoga class
  • Written instructions including illustrations for the kriya, meditation and basic information about Kundalini yoga
  • Special instruction section for added clarification on breathing techniques, challenging poses, and modifications
  • Separate audio track format for the meditation to practice it alone.

Ayurveda eBooks & Wellness/Coaching How-To Articles

Optimal health starts with healthy routines and habits.  In supporting the re-alignment of your daily habits, written instructions and understanding on a deeper level help you get started and keep up with the new activities.  

The Essential Ayurveda eBook  is a great way to gain an introduction to the healing science of Ayurveda and use as a guideline in your life to enjoy greater health & harmony.  While Ayurveda can feel like a complex subject, once your learn the basics it can actually be easy to understand with its common sense way of looking at you and the world.

You will also find a variety of wellness-related how-to’s including stretches, relaxation & meditation techniques, breath exercises, and other articles on self-care routines.

General Ayurveda Information

Learn more about the holistic model of wellness I use as well as how to understand the three Doshas and signs that they are out of balance.

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