Ayurveda Business Training

I work with  Ayurveda professionals like you, who are looking for efficient and easy business tools to build a profitable and successful business so you can spend more time doing the real work you love!

Running your own business is hard work.

At least it can sure feel that way – especially for those in the healing fields where business may not be your second nature.

Let’s face it, as a Ayurveda professional your passion is with the work you do with your clients, right?

Yet, in the United States, currently there are not many options to be hired for Ayurveda professionals – either as an independent contractor or as an employee.  The reality for most Ayurveda professionals is that you will need to run your own business as a self-employees person.

For the vast majority, this means operating as a sole proprietor with no employees or partners.  As such, there are many hats you have to wear around your office – and possibly have to additionally balance with your role at home.  And all those hats may begin to weigh heavy on your head and poor, tight shoulders!

It’s Time to Lighten Your Load!

Even Easier Business CoachingIf you are an….

❶ Independent Ayurveda Doctor
❷ Ayurveda Practitioner
❸ Ayurveda Health/Lifestyle Counselor
❹ Ayurveda Body Therapist/ Panchakarma Technician
❺ Ayurveda Chef

…wanting to create or expand your business success, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you part of the 99% who got into Ayurveda because you love making an impact in people’s health, not because you want to (or know how to) do bookkeeping?

You are not alone.

And though there are many great Ayurveda programs now available in the U.S., few offer enough guidance on the business, marketing or practice management aspects.

Honestly, I looked around our industry & saw a bunch of my peers spending time and money getting trainined as an Ayurveda professional – only to find it very difficult to actually make a sustainable living from it.

So, I chose to do something about it!

Because I refuse to let the “business side” burn good people and their healing passions out … or worse yet, have them give up.

Through the Ayurveda Business Success Breakthrough Programs, you will be guided through how to set up and structure your business and marketing to get the most effective and efficient results for your bottom line.  And to do so with greater ease for your inner peace of mind!


I’ve trained in both the holistic wellness industry as well as with internet marketing and business experts for over two decades.

I understand your business challenges because I went through the same thing.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hours of work taking business programs that didn’t feel right. They gave me a piece of the business puzzle but not the whole picture in a way that felt doable and effective. Which led me to taking yet another program to find the missing parts. I was forced to sift through techniques that didn’t feel in line with my heart to find the best pieces that worked for me to create a successful practice.

Today, I combine my insider wellness knowledge as an Ayurveda Practitioner with practical business insight & expertise to serve emerging and developing Ayurveda professionals to build practices that are:

☞ PROFITABLE through your services with clients you love

☞ PREDICTABLE in terms of your marketing and networking efforts that allow you to earn more while working smarter instead of harder

☞ SUSTAINABLE for your success with streamlined and supportive business structures, leaving you more time to focus on your passions and that doesn’t chop off the life aspect of the work-life balance dance

☞ FULFILLING because they authentically align with your heart’s purpose

☞ SATISFYING to watch actively engaged clients have transformative experiences that not only keep them returning for more support as they need it but also being a solid referral partner

Ready To Experience A Better Way Of Doing Business?

If you’re tired of struggling and ready to get started, it’s time to get you going.

Choose support through individual business mentor coaching or through the facilitated group mentor business Ayurveda Success Business Breakthrough programs.

Learn what is the best way forward for you challenges by scheduling your 20 minute complimentary

Business Success Assessment

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