Ayurveda Business Success Breakthrough Program

If you’re tired of struggling with how to start or grow your Ayurveda business, you’ve arrived at the right place!

Your heart called you to be an Ayurveda Professional.

And you deserve to earn a decent living following your heart and desire to serve.

The Ayurveda Business Success Breakthrough Programs are an industry specific business training and coaching program to help Ayurveda Professionals in the U.S. create the profitable and sustainable practice you crave in order to share your passion and gifts in the world in the way that is right.

The Ayurveda Business Success Breakthrough Programs are right for you if one or more of the following are true for you…

  1. You are confident in your Ayurveda skills, but have little knowledge or experience when it comes to starting or running your private practice. As a result, you often find yourself frustrated, overwhelmed, stuck and are even considering whether to give it all up.
  1. You have recently graduated and are overwhelmed by where to start to grow your business.
  1. You are tired of wasting time and energy on marketing efforts that don’t deliver the results you want. Instead you want tools that are doable, create predictable results, and are efficiently effective.
  1. You want a holistic business program that offers a blueprint of how to put the separate marketing pieces together in a relevant and effective way. Instead of having to take different programs on specific aspects of business, you want one integrated program that gives you what you need to be successful through a comprehensive, connected approach.
  1. You want to be treated as a whole person – not just taught business skills. You recognize that the professional and personal are interconnected and value the coaching support to clear the personal issues that are spilling over into business challenges.
  1. You want a program where the details are fully transparent and laid out up front clearly. No more hidden surprises with hefty price tagged up-leveling to get what you really need.
  1. You want a program that offers direct support and feedback on your marketing activities. In addition to having instructional webinars, you can take advantage of the group coaching and clarity calls as well as the dynamic group forum to share and keep you inspired, accountable, and moving forward to the success you desire.
  1. You have the time and energy to commit to the 6-month weekly format or 3-month weekend summit intensives and are ready to use the enthusiasm and momentum of the group structure to achieve your goals.
  1. You are passionate about sharing Ayurveda, and are ready to invest in the skills and do whatever it takes to transform this passion into a profitable business.
  1. Inside you know and trust that you CAN HAVE the practice and income you want. And you are ready for the guide to show you the way.

Get started building a consistent, reliable income by sharing your Ayurveda gifts into the world with your Free Business Breakthrough Session!

The Ayurveda Business Success Breakthrough is unique.

It combines tangible business building skills with proven techniques to release and reframe the inner blocks that prevent you from bringing your dharma fully into the world.

Your business transformation is guided by a seasoned Holistic Practitioner who herself has had a thriving holistic Ayurveda practice:

  • By building and sustaining a holistic self-employed practice over 25 years
  • By overcoming her own scarcity mindset to step into activating her own bigger dharma
  • By earning $1.25+ million dollars, primarily working part-time, to support her family’s educational, vacation and retirement needs along with fully supporting her family while her husband was out of work for fourteen months.

Enhances your personal development by incorporating spiritual tools and life coaching, because as an Ayurveda Professional you know how much your energetic inner game reflects into your outer actions and world.

Revolves around being true to your authentic self – by choosing business strategies that don’t compromise your soul purpose and doesn’t use language or marketing techniques that are pushy, disconnected, downright obnoxious – and certainly not in alignment with you.


With the right support and tools, you can make your dreams become a reality.

» Ayurveda Practitioner & Animal Communicator transitioned from 21-year corporate job & is now attracting more clients than she can fit into her schedule

» Ayurveda Body Therapist created dream product line and sold 2/3 of stock at first retreat

» Ayurveda Student finished her lagging internship, finally earning the CAP certificate she’d been working towards for 5 years

Enrollment into 2018 Programs Opening soon.

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