Life-Work Balance Coaching

If as a Professional Working Mom you had more…

Peace & Ease


Vitality & Wellbeing

Free Time


… then your life would be pretty amazing, wouldn’t it?

That’s the power of having a work-life balance that is working FOR you!

Yet, over 99% of Working Women are struggling to successfully manage the overload of work and home responsibilities because they’ve never been given the resources.

holistic coaching programs

Get the resources you need with these Holistic Coaching Programs




You’re not alone in being hit by the Double Duty Drain.

70% of moms today work outside, as well as inside, the home. You’re the glue that holds the household together PLUS you make significant contributions to the family financial success.

Your DOUBLE DUTY – succeeding in a high level career while carrying a larger % of the household tasks – takes a toll on your bodymind wellbeing, especially in the peri-menopausal years in your 40’s.

And with this Double Duty Stress, too many working moms struggle with…

★Depleted energy

★Poor sleep

★Excess weight

★Hormonal issues


★Feelings of anxiety, disconnection, resentment & lack of joy

You don’t need short-term band aids that cover up the problem.

☞ You need Long Lasting Balance Solutions that address the root issues.

You don’t need toxic pills with their potentially harmful side effects.

☞ You need solutions that are Safe, Natural, & Effective.

You don’t need a general one-size-fits-all approach.

☞ You need Personalized Tools to match your Unique Needs.




Helping busy working moms Recharge, Reconnect, & Re-Engage the Fun in Family & Life is what I’m passionate about!

I know that as the central hub in the family, if your wellbeing suffers due to the negative impact of stress, you serve no one.

Which is why I help my full-time and CEO uber-busy moms find time to:

REVITALIZE their energy

RE-ENGAGE joyfully with life

RELAX with family & friends

RESPOND to stress with ease

My unique holistic Work-Life Well-Being Programs specialize in helping professional women find relief from today’s #1 modern ailment – the “Too Busy” syndrome and the accompanying chronic health depletion issues.

I give you proven systems to get dramatic results with less effort:

❶   ↑ energy, vitality & joy

❷   ↑ quality time with the people that matter

❸   ↓ stress levels at work and home

❹   ↑ engagement & fulfillment

❺   ↑ ease & spaciousness




① Exceeded Expectations

✔ Professional woman stopped a binge eating pattern while discovering the surprise that she didn’t have to focus on not binge eating to not binge eat. She also lost 10 pounds and healed underlying sinus conditions, leaving her day-to-day life full of ease and joy.

② Higher levels of job satisfaction & ↓ stress levels

✔ Wellness Administrator eliminated 63% of her chronic symptoms in 3 months allowing her to accept a 6-figure dream job AND achieved her 37-year goal of peace of mind

③ Improved digestive health

✔ Admissions Director fully resolved a mysterious abdominal condition within 3 visits without any medication that Western medicine hadn’t been able to diagnose or help.

④ Breaking Through Limiting Barriers

✔ Single mom of 3 uncovered a hidden inner belief.  In clearing it she was able to make a decision that had been haunting her and move forward into a place of peace.

⑤  Re-Purposed Life After Retirement

✔ In one month of coaching, a retired physical therapist, mother of 3 and grandmother of 4 was able to get unstuck from the overwhelm of a myriad of possibilities and move choosing three outlets to serve her passions and desire to continue to be of service.




Too many working moms put themselves last – leading them to feel tired, resentful and burned out.

You deserve say no to imbalance so that you actually have enough energy at the end of the workday to enjoy your family and the activities your love!

I refuse to let working moms be crushed under the unrealistic expectation that they can and SHOULD be able to do it all.




As your kids get older ☞ it’s YOUR TURN for the TLC.

And you deserve it!

SCHEDULE your complimentary 30 minute BOOST YOUR BALANCE session to find out which Holistic Coaching Program is right for you!


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