Success Stories

Real Success Stories from Real People

I offer these stories to you not as a way to “toot my own horn” but rather to hear in words other than my own some of the possibilities that exist within the Coaching Services I offer. While I have done my best in my website to describe my services to help you evaluate whether working with me is a good fit, those descriptions come from my perspective.

By contrast, these stories share the client’s perspective.

So often it is in others’ stories that you see yourself or connect to an aspect of your own journey. All of these stories are from real clients and many of them are willing to talk to you if you have further questions about my work and how it might pertain to your needs.

Contact me for more information about speaking to a client reference.

” With Jamie’s support, I achieved a huge, elusive goal that I have had since I was 13 – peace of mind.”

“I came to Jamie because I had read a testimonial about someone she had helped to overcome binge eating and I was looking for support with a body dysmorphic disorder. In the three months I worked with her, not only was I able to get rid of the self-criticism around my body issues, but I also got so much more!

I now enjoy an evenness of mood that I have never experienced before. Instead of feeling anxious about situations that felt beyond my control, I now feel “bomb proof” in the face of many of life’s stressors. For example, I can navigate family visits without a hitch and without the old emotional ties and usual baggage. I have much more confidence in how I interact with loved ones. Instead of reacting from an overly emotional space like I used to, I am now able to provide a more balanced rational and emotional response. It is liberating to no longer struggle so much day-to-day. My behaviors and emotions are easier for my husband to live with, providing the added bonus of enhancing our relationship.

With Jamie’s help, I have also experienced many positive shifts in my physical symptoms that were not being relieved by Western medicine. We started tracking 32 symptoms; only 12 are left and at much reduced levels. I have complete relief from constipation – something I appreciate every day! I have a complete absence of lower abdominal bloating and accompanying severe discomfort. I have a significant reduction of headaches. I used to carry acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen with caffeine with me everywhere. I have barely taken any headache medication since beginning my work with my Jamie. Finally, the pervasive “rumbling” in my ears from tinnitus, which was quite loud and bothersome, is mostly silent.

Being listened to closely and having what I said reflected back to me was one of Jamie’s most powerful therapeutic techniques. Rather than dictating what I should do, her reflective listening often resulted in new perspectives and possibilities, and gave me permission to choose potential practices and therapies. This positively reinforced my own intuition and left me feeling empowered.

I found Jamie’s style of life coaching to be an effective blend of thoughtful, intuitive sharing with concrete and tangible resources. She saw and treated me as an individual. The techniques she used in the ‘Discover Your Magnificent Self’ session helped me to further deepen my definition of myself and to validate my decisions regarding my next career move.

Jamie is authentic, personable, and has an impressive knowledge of Ayurveda. She is able to share her deep knowledge of the system effectively, and she is also an amazing model for Ayurveda practices and therapies. This is reflected in how balanced she is in herself.

Jamie supports time as a healer, allowing for integration and self-discovery. She recognizes that transformation is a process that happens one day at a time, one practice at a time. Subtle shifts continue to occur for me as the practices and therapies build on top of each other and time passes. There was never any pressure for me to feel or think about things “on the spot” during our sessions.

In addition to Jamie’s professional skills, the structure of her programs was supportive in moving me toward my goals. Her use of bundling sessions into “packages” to be used within a certain time frame provided me with a powerful initial period of intense emotional and physical transformation. I appreciated that during our introductory conversation she stated that her aim was not for me to develop a dependent relationship with her. I now check in with Jamie on a seasonal basis to assess my current practices and therapies and to discuss and adopt new ones that feel right for me.

I am grateful to Jamie for facilitating my journey toward peace of mind. May others be blessed to work with this gifted Ayurveda practitioner.”

A woman with peace of mind at last at age 50

“I rate Jamie Durner as an A++ coach! She has an obvious talent for this line of work. It has been an awesome process and a true blessing to work with her.”

I had three main goals in hiring Jamie as a life coach: to discover my passion in regards to my vocation, to increase my own self-love, and to increase my personal relationship with God. One of the greatest things was that I didn’t have to quit my job and go on a 20-day retreat. Instead, I was able to do the process in manageable pieces with a full-time job and in the midst of my busy day-to-day living in a relatively short period of time. I especially appreciate how easy the overall process was considering the hefty, transformational nature of my goals. I was able to incorporate the changes and added in positive things without taking away from my life. And it really worked – even my frugal husband noticed the positive changes and said it was money well spent!

Jamie helped me learn how to look inside for my answers and get rid of all the outside noise. Her techniques allowed what was best for me in my heart to come forth. She also provided tangible activities to support my process and helped me to identify valuable homework steps. From narrowing down my vocation focus to helping me sort through the different school choices based around what was most important to me, to seeing how my relationship with God was connected to my self-love, Jamie helped me gain new perspectives and clarify key pieces and priorities.

I expanded my definition of self–love and realized it was a larger problem than I had thought and all connected. I was able to see how my home environment, my lack of motivation and inspiration, and even my relationship to God were tied into it. The coaching encouraged me to find more resources, stick to the daily routines, and recognize the importance of these habits.   I began to care again and was able to congratulate the small victories, which as a whole, added up to being fantastic.

As a coach, I like that Jamie cuts through the noise to get to the bottom line issues, picks out the necessary items, and helps me streamline the whole process. She has excellent listening skills so I feel heard, but she moves the process along so I don’t get stuck in a loop. She has a great skill to help me go deeper and hone in to pull out my highest priorities. Her energy is very encouraging and I always left our sessions feeling elevated. Any individual would benefit greatly from the skills and services Jamie offers. After working with Jamie, you can’t help but have an improved life!

Barbara D

“When I originally hired Jamie as my life coach to help me become more comfortable with public speaking, little did I know what a deep impact it would have on the rest of my life.”

“Not only am I more comfortable and confident in a myriad of social settings, but my personal life has been positively effected as well.  I have begun to explore and work through areas of my life that have long prevented me from reaching my potential, both professionally and personally. I feel stronger, calmer and more confident than I ever have in my life.   But most  important for me has been the deep insight, clarity and sense of purpose I have gained over the last year that I have been working with her. I can’t stress enough how effective and empowering Jamie’s style of life coaching has been for me.”

Brianna Sulzer

“I came to coaching because I needed to narrow down and prioritize the excess amount of goals I had. The process was very useful in getting started to review why I had chosen the goals, whether they were still relevant, and paring down to those that were most essential.”

“Specifically, my goals centered on finding possible job options in my post-retirement phase of my life, looking at how I wanted to use my time, and exploring attitudes in my primary relationship. I see all of these as ongoing, fluid goals that won’t necessarily be “finished” as much as continue to cycle back for further reflection and refinement.

I think of my goals as a series of climbing steps. I started out at the basic step because I had some self-knowledge. The coaching helps me get to the next steps of a higher level of clarity and to put that knowledge into action in a comfortable and meaningful way. I climbed further up my steps during my coaching process and continue to use those foundational tools to reflect and adjust myself in relation to these ongoing focal points.

In addition to navigating the steps of my focal points, the coaching also gave me the following additional results.

  1. I gained more awareness which helped train my mind to stay on focus with the goals. The coaching structure provided a natural process to review the goals and tasks and be accountable to myself.
  2. Brought the goals closer into focus with a new shape without getting swallowed up by overwhelm or inaction. As such, the process was comforting.
  3. I function better now with the confusion monkey off my back.
  4. I feel more comfortable continuing the process. I am not overwhelmed because I have clarified my goals and have something every day to take more steps forward.
  5. At a gut level, I experienced a decrease in anxiety. Instead I began to feel a sense of empowerment to be able to see that what I was doing daily was contributing to the goals. I was able to check the boxes off en route to the goal and that felt good. Ultimately I felt a sense of purpose, which is important to me at this stage of my life as I’ve gotten older and shifted out of jobs and changed focus.
  6. As an older person, I became aware through the coaching process that what drives my life is doing things with a sense of value that counts for something. And just because I am no longer working in my career, it helped me see and feel where I have that value in my life.

As a coach, Jamie’s style was positive for me in several ways. First, she is comfortable to share with – asking questions and wording things in a way that was always respectful of my views and my person. Secondly, she does a great job in guiding the process. She allowed me to talk, but also encouraged me to be more concise and thoughtful about my answers and not get off topic in frivolous conversation. Lastly, she helped hold the space of accountability by having me take notes if I desired and reflected back her notes, providing a solid feedback process.”

Phyllis Jachowski

“My sessions with Jamie have improved my life more than I could have imagined.”

Talking with her helps me to find focus, purpose, direction, and definition of my goals while negating feelings of overwhelm, resentment, despair and anxiety. I feel like life coaching has become a major quality about who I am as a person by empowering me to solve my problems proactively. I am also developing a skill to reword my thinking from negative to positive descriptions as Jamie guides me to shift my focus from what I don’t want to what I do want.

I initially began to see Jamie to learn about holistic stress reduction techniques, optimal nutrition in accordance with Ayurvedic guidelines, and transitioning into a more holistic lifestyle. This objective of overall improved health was met and six months after hiring Jamie, I end up getting pregnant after having tried for couple of years without success.

My coaching with Jamie shifted to life coaching with a focus on improving my relationship with my husband and finding more space for joy and meaning in my life. I built on the holistic tools I had learned earlier while expanding additional self-inspired solutions. Other areas covered included improving communication within my marriage, using my time more effectively, finding better ways to honor my and my partner’s needs, and exploring if my marriage was something I wanted to or could continue.  With Jamie’s assistance, I continue to enjoy successful, progressive results with my goals.  I highly recommend life coaching with her.

Katrina Alevizos

“I was able to move through my panic attacks, both in the immediate crisis and with on-going management, without the use of pharmaceuticals, which was my goal.”

“Last year, I was hospitalized twice and had surgery. Although medically I was now “fine”, emotionally I had a difficult time coping with the experience.
I had many symptoms of stress including migraines, neck pain and anxiety.

I chose Jamie Durner as a personal coach with the hope of improving my health. I worked with Jamie in both the time of crisis and re-growth.

In the crisis situation, Jamie was supportive and creative. We framed a plan that took into account my values and goals. She was able to approach panic attacks from several different avenues including massage therapy, breath work, meditation and physical movement. During this time, I was also under the care of a medical doctor, but am proud to say with Jamie’s help, I was able to cope without the use of pharmaceuticals, which was my goal.

After a few weeks of improvement, Jamie and I worked on the symptoms of stress and strengthening my routines. Coaching helped me to clarify my values about self-care. Jamie brought many resources to the table. It seems I tapped only a small percentage of her depth and knowledge. This is a life-long process. I expect I will continue to look to Jamie for her insights and teaching as I grow in other areas of my life.”


” Jamie Durner is a seasoned coach who has brought a strong foundation of warmth and compassion and a refreshing directness to the work we’ve done together.”

“She has had the utmost belief in my ability to reach my goals while honoring and respecting my path to get there. She has a sharp eye and ear that sees me and hears me clearly and her work has gently challenged me and invited me to remember all of who I am and own more fully the gifts and talents I bring.

The guidance and support I have received from her in the work we’ve done together remains a bright light in moving beyond lifelong patterns that no longer serve me and trusting in my ability to get through a few major life transitions I’ve been simultaneously dealing with. The teachings that have come from our work together are something that I can call on for a long time to come.”

Karen K

“Jamie’s gift of listening and drawing information from me was invaluable. “

I started life coaching with Jamie Durner because I felt confused, lost, and that my life was lacking in harmony

After three sessions with Jamie I achieved my goals. Each session was easier for me than the one before. As Jamie says “If it’s easy it must be right” – I couldn’t agree more.

Jamie was able to get to the core of what was bothering me and suggest courses of action that might benefit me. She was able to help me define the things that I am looking for in my life. I like her style of asking me “how does that feel” after discussing a topic or course of action.

I would recommend Jamie as a life coach to anyone who is seeking guidance. I was at ease during our sessions and am thankful for recieving that gentle nudge in the right direction.”

Casey Pisarek, enjoying being responsible for what I’m creating

“Jamie Durner is an amazing coach. “

” I never really knew what a wellness coach was until I began seeing Jamie. She was an excellent listener, probing beyond what I said to get at the essence of what I really meant. She was gentle and ecouraging when needed and tough and driving other times and seemed to sense exactly the right approach needed.

I will always appreciate Jamie helping me find my voice, my power and what I have been really seeking from life. Thank you Jamie for coming into my life at a crucial time. I will continue to check in with you to ensure I stay on track.”

KE, Human Resources Director

 “Today I am delighted to say that I am in a much better place with a more positive mindset and enjoying improved relationships.”

” When I first came to Jamie, I was in a hopeless place with significant pain in my leg. Despite my desperation for help I was also doubtful the process would work as I had already tried many other practitioners and methods without success. I ended up going in directions I had never anticipated since the leg issues went much deeper than I thought.

Now I have developed skills which help me face challenges in a less reactive manner and in a new center of calm. Each time I left a session with Jamie I felt lighter and better; I often discovered “ahas” along the way. Thinking in a different manner has allowed positive results to happen without really having to work for them; the power of intention certainly took on new meaning for me. I even ended up being offered and accepting an employment opportunity which never would have happened without Jamie’s coaching. Although I am still working on my leg issues, I was able to enjoy a pain free week which hasn’t happened in a long time. The overall pain is less severe and recovers more rapidly now. I am hopeful my leg will continue to improve with some additional deep tissue massage.

I recommend Jamie’s work because she has multiple skills with a large bag of tools; if one thing doesn’t work she had other options. Her willingness to use a variety of approaches is without personal bias – I feel she responded to me as an individual human being. Her support and sincerity are authentic. She is a very good listener and interpreter which helped me see myself more clearly-I was often amazed at her insight. She never just treated the symptoms but instead worked to find the causes that brought about real changes which work and are effective.”

PS, educator

“I now have the feeling of being ‘unstuck’!”

“I came to Jamie unsure of how it would help. I couldn’t put a finger on what I wanted help with, but I knew I needed some guidance. From the first week, I started to notice that my body felt heavy (aside from physical weight) and I felt stuck. I had no interest in doing the everyday tasks in my life. I also realized I had other symptoms; swelling and minor pain. And, oh yeah, most nights I would snore.

Each week – reading the modules, doing the home play, participating in the phone calls – several emotional issues surfaced. I carried around unreasonable guilt about a friendship that had ended long ago. In one phone call with Jamie, that nagging guilt went away.

During our time, a reoccurring situation with my husband arose. The details of this situation change each time but the essence stays the same. The usual response was for me to get upset followed by little to no talking for a couple of days. This time, my reaction was very different. I removed myself from the situation and did some self-care. The best part, I didn’t stop and think, ‘What should I do?’ I simply did. This was due to the mental shift I had made. The following couple of days consisted of my husband and I rationally discussing the situation. What a difference!

With these two issues gone, along with some others, I felt lighter and unstuck. I began to do major cleaning in my home. My swelling and pain diminished. And, my husband doesn’t move to the guest room as often, as my snoring has all but ceased.

The mental clarity, guidance, coaching and support I received from Jamie was exactly what I needed. The program has left me with enough written and audio material to take me forward for many years to come. And as a bonus, I know Jamie is there if I again feel the need for support.”

SH, Moving towards Lightness in WA


I really feel a difference in myself and my life from my working with Jamie. My family, friends and acquaintances can see a difference in me as well. I moved to a place of action from my truth instead of reacting out of fear and self-doubt.

  • I gained the independence I was looking for
  • My sense of self and my self worth increased
  • My relationship with my spouse and balance with my family improved
  • I gained greater satisfaction overall in my life
  • I was able to make a decision about my work that allowed me to follow my truth and passion and serve not only myself better, but also serve my family better

Coaching with Jamie allowed me to achieve my goals:

Jamie’s integrated approach is very powerful. The body-mind connection is so important because I was able to move things in the body and then understand what was happening in my mind. The 3 minute meditation she gave me wasn’t overwhelming so I was able to do it consistently which then opened up my ability to journal and process on a deeper level.

Her work was fun, doable and I was able to see the change.

Abigail Engstrand, artist, wife, mother and political activist; painting, talking, dancing and singing her way through life. I just can’t keep it simple or brief. I like all the layers and colors and details.

“From Potato Chips to Lentils….my Ayurvedic Journey”

“I used to have several painful, frustrating symptoms. In March 2015, I heard about a lady who specialized in Ayurvedic Wellness and decided to check it out. I met Jamie Durner and signed up for a 6-month Ayurvedic Journey.

Although this title indicates I changed my eating habits, which I have, the most significant changes for me are being pain-free and sleeping well without sleep aides. The Ayurvedic rituals are like nothing else out there. Ayurveda is a deep, rich world of new choices for the Westerner, many of which initially appear to effect one body part or area of your life, but then they gently float into areas of thought and breath, which expand into a completeness of health like nothing else I have experienced.

Let me give you an example: the neti pot. Now, using a neti pot is not a completely foreign concept and is often prescribed in Western Medicine. I had attempted to use a neti pot in the past for sinus drainage. So what was the difference for me as introduced by Jamie Durner within Ayurveda? In less than a minute, she demonstrated the ‘art’ of the neti pot. She emphasized the chin should be kept down, while the head is tilted to the side. Then just let the water gently flow over the bone in your nose (Jamie used the accurate bone name), and the water will just run out the other side. Now I have heard and experienced terrible feelings associated with neti-pot use, ‘I feel like I’m drowning’, ‘I choke’, etc….but Jamie described this in such an easy, obvious, gentle manner, that when I went home to try it, although apprehensive, my experience was beautiful. Ok – how can putting something up your nose in your bathroom be beautiful?….but darn it, it was gentle, cleansing, flowing….beautiful!

That’s just one of the many rituals I now have as part of my weekly routine. The obvious symptom change for me in my neti-pot journey, is I no longer clear my throat ALL DAY LONG. I’m sure my co-workers and family appreciate this, but the greater reward for me goes back to what I said about it being a beautiful, cleansing, gentle flowing part of the time I spend each day honoring and respecting my magnificent body and spirit. That’s the Ayurveda difference. And Jamie Durner is a wealth of knowledge in the Ayurvedic arena.

Jamie was not born in India and as she has says, this is a ‘second language’ for her.  As a Westerner, this makes what she does even more meaningful for me, because Jamie approaches everything from a place of having gone through each ritual and incorporated them into her ‘Western’ life just as my journey is. Jamie does a particularly good job reminding me to seek progress only and to acknowledge myself for my progress. Shake off all those thoughts of ‘if I’m not perfect at this, I must be failing at it’. Nothing could be farther from the truth. – I have come to appreciate that progress is extremely underrated.

Six months may seem like a long commitment, but with Ayurveda’s layers and layers of related health benefits, I have only scratched the surface of my Ayurvedic health. Among the rituals that have provided me comfort and eliminated my symptoms are:

  • Body brushing/oil – provides me a warm, mellow burst of self-love. Amazing really.
  • Neti-pot – my throat is clear and I no longer clear my throat all day.
  • Fullness scale, reduced alcohol, replaced caffeine with lemon water – I now sleep well! HUGE!
  • Warm breakfast of grains, nuts, and dried fruits – I now have normal bowel movements.
  • Tongue scraping – I stay aware of my Ama (digestive unrest) which gently reminds me to feed myself well.
  • Let-Your-Liver-Live exercise – reduces pain from bloating and reduces burping.

Here’s the bottom line: Do you have pain or irritating physical discomfort that bothers you throughout your day? Go to Jamie’s site and read about Ayurveda Wellness. I came to her with just as much doubt and skepticism as anyone else. But with an open mind and some loving self-care, I feel good. My pain is eliminated and/or reduced in every area. This is all good stuff, but the greatest value for me is an increase in my joy levels. I am happier because of the addition of several Ayurvedic rituals. They have become add-ons just as important to me as brushing my teeth. I invite every Westerner who is in pain to give Ayurveda a listen. Your body and soul will respond with pain-free, joyful gratitude.

Jenni Warren-Zielke

” I feel healthier, more balanced, and am no longer in the circle of binge eat-feel guilty-punish myself!”

“I went to Jamie because after 20 years I was still using binge eating as a coping strategy. I was now 40 and in fairly good health, but I knew I had to stop this destructive behavior (both physically and mentally).

I have been working with Jamie for 4 months and through simple changes – such as eating food in a new way, taking herbal supplements, doing self-massage, and running a humidifier at night – I achieved my primary goal of not binge eating anymore!  I gained freedom in my mind and am not even thinking of binge eating. This freedom is allowing me to see my world in a different light.

I also lost 10 pounds and healed symptoms I didn’t even realize were symptoms – I’m no longer cold all of the time, my skin isn’t dry, and my menstrual cramps are minimally noticeable now. The other big result I got (which I didn’t expect) was relief from sinus infections and lightheadedness due to sinus issues. This makes a huge improvement in my day-to-day life.

My biggest surprise was that I didn’t have to focus on not binge eating to not binge eat. We instead focused on resolving my dosha imbalances and being in balance. I focus on all of the core self-care activities I need to do daily and it takes care of itself. It still feels kind of magical to me because it’s not really hard work, yet the rewards/gains are huge.

I would definitely recommend someone to see Jamie. She is easy to talk with. She has a great teaching style in a relaxed and non-threatening environment. I look forward to continuing to learn more.”


“Making an appointment with Jamie has been my best decision!”

“After seeing 3 different types of doctors and doing multiple tests over 6 months for intense abdominal pain without getting any results, I attended a workshop on healthy digestion with Jamie in February 2012. I was intrigued by the information Jamie passed on and after 6 more months of dealing with the same type of issues and no diagnosis yet, I called Jamie and set up a consultation last August.

I’m so grateful for Jamie’s knowledge, services and new life tools she has given me. Not only does she listen very carefully and analyze my individual health symptoms and concerns, but she also provides me with important knowledge about life, health and balance. This approach fits perfectly with my ideas about healthy living and the very natural approach to maintaining health.  Being able to discuss any new developments or changes in my health, receiving individualized support to get to the root of the problem, and taking my health in my own hands with complete natural support – that is what Jamie provides me with.

And most importantly, my intense health issues, that had persisted for almost one year without relief or understanding within other health systems, have been cleared within 2-3 visits without any medication!

I’m so happy to have learned about and from Jamie and highly recommend her expertise.”


“From being in this new space with myself through Jamie’s help, I have gained peace and awareness. I feel like I went from existing in a two dimensional world to at least a four dimensional world!”

I started seeing Jamie because I found life to be overwhelming far too often and wanted to attain emotional stability. After working with Jamie, my temperament changed significantly and I have gained that emotional stability I was looking for.  The things that used to upset me, no longer do. My perspective has grown to see the big picture, letting go of judgment, criticism and ideals.  I understand things and have the sympathy that I used to find elusive.  Accurately defining myself and my needs for the first time was extremely eye opening since I was so lost and confused before.

Introducing herbal formulas, increasing my hydration level, improving my relationship with food, figuring out my constitution, and creating nourishing self-care routines and rituals specific to my needs have made a big difference to my sense of well-being. I have become more functional physically and no longer have problematic PMS symptoms.

I would recommend people see Jamie so that they can overcome obstacles and live up to their highest potential, to become the best version of themselves and to find peace, patience, and harmony.

Jamie’s unique approach allows you to be evaluated as an individual person and educated on obtaining balance through Ayurveda so that you may obtain optimal health and thrive, not just survive, in life.”

Katie Motta

“I am blessed to have worked with Jamie as her guidance and teachings have had such a powerful, positive influence in my physical, mental & emotional health!.”

“I sought Jamie’s guidance originally for multiple problems including a significant issue around physical/mental fatigue. I thought I had a fairly healthy lifestyle but with Jamie’s help I learned what a healthy lifestyle for me really is.  By implementing an individually tailored diet, lifestyle recommendations and herbal formulas, I have solved these problems in a relatively short amount of time. The significant improvements in my symptoms, most of which have decreased significantly and several symptoms are now non-existent, demonstrate Jamie’s ability in identifying and addressing the root causes, not just cover symptoms.

Key to this process has been Jamie’s ability not only to educate me on the “whys” or rationales of the diet/lifestyle recommendations, but also how to incorporate the recommended diet and lifestyle changes into a busy schedule with ease and make them lifelong habits. Jamie’s coaching along the way further ingrained these new habits and equipped me with the knowledge of many invaluable “tools” to improve my well-being on a daily basis. If something was a challenge, Jamie always had an idea for an easy solution. She is truly gifted to help people!

I am confident this is a lifelong impact and would definitely recommend her services to anyone who wants to improve their well-being. She knows how to delve into the issues and determine solutions that work. I believe that Jamie’s ability to approach the whole body-mind-spirit of an individual is what makes her services so valuable.”

BL, happy Ayurveda client

“With Jamie’s guidance I was able to change my habits by incorporating small changes and in 3 months the symptoms have self-corrected.”

I contacted Jamie because of chronic health conditions I had including dry skin & feet, intestinal gas, a sore back, worry, and hot flashes.

Jamie taught me how to be aware of what is going on with my body and after listening to what was happening, then suggested small changes in my lifestyle habits to try.  It was then up to me to put those suggestions into action.

Through Ayurveda Wellness,, my symptoms have resolved.  I have slowed my life down, learned new ways of eating and tools for self-care, and also empowered myself to observe and tweak my lifestyle to correct any future symptoms. In addition to correcting the current symptoms, I feel that I have prevented something larger/deeper from materializing in regards to my health.”


“I tell everyone who will listen to me about the benefits of Ayurveda.”

“Ayurveda is an exciting new journey for me. With Jamie’s guidance, my symptoms were identified at our initial consults and a plan was set into motion. As my symptoms started to drop off, we tweaked the plan. Jamie’s wealth of knowledge is amazing, it’s so fun to listen to her explain how everything works. Jamie’s passion for healthy living is certainly contagious.

By making minor life adjustments, I have seen amazing results in a short period of time. I like that the adjustments are small and not too overwhelming. The pace is reasonable and set by me.   I move onto additional things when I am ready for them. Let’s face it – you’re not going to stick with something if you don’t have the right mind set.

I have incorporated digestive and mind balancing herbs into my daily routine. I am listening to my body and trying to make healthier food choices. I am eating only when I am hungry and stopping when I am satisfied. I also use tools like nasya oil for my sinuses, perform a self-oil massage with sesame oil to nurture my dry skin, and practice meditation. All seemingly simply adjustments, but together they are very powerful.

Many of my symptoms have reduced drastically or have even gone away. I used to suffer from terrible sinus congestion, I’m now able to breathe through both of my nostrils (I know it sounds odd, but it’s a major accomplishment). I had a terrible pain in my knee that just wouldn’t go away – it’s now completely gone. I used to have bouts of depression, that is now completely gone. My overall health and the problematic symptoms are so much better than they were before.

The symptom that I am working on now is my weight. I’ve been overweight my entire life. As Jamie explained, in order for my body to let go of the weight, I have to deal with the things that are making it stick in the first place. This has been my biggest challenge during this process. I know with Jamie’s guidance we will continue to modify our plan of action until we find the solution. I have lost the “heavy” feeling I used to have all of the time and no longer feel lethargic. Definitely heading in the right direction! I have increased my activity gradually and am now not only able to exercise regularly, but it has even become part of my routine. Even though outwardly I don’t look different yet, on the inside I feel lighter and stronger.

I feel great, like I’m finally doing something for me. I’m taking the time to understand what my body needs and taking care of myself. I tell everyone who will listen to me about the benefits of Ayurveda.  Thank you Jamie for continuing to guide me on this very exciting journey!”

Cari ~ It’s a New Day

“After three sessions, not only was all the pain gone but I emerged with a stronger sense of myself, both spiritually and physically.”

“A year before my visit with Jamie, I began having problems with a tooth starting with damage and an infection. Despite antibiotics, a root canal, and finally an extraction, my problem not only didn’t improve – it got worse. By the time I came to see Jamie, I had a severe infection in my sinus cavities and was at 9.5 out of 10 on the pain scale. The debilitating pain cornered me so that I was unaware of anything else around me.

After having gone through several other forms of treatment without improvement, I came in with some doubt as to whether Jamie’s skills would help. Just in starting the work, the results were instantaneous and I was able to totally trust her. I got the message for myself that it was ok to let go and my body and mind listened.

Jamie’s work made a huge difference! After three sessions, not only was all the pain gone, but I emerged with a stronger sense of myself both spiritually and physically. She helped the pain, the emotions and the energy shift so they could find a new outlet. I was open again instead of closed. From her work, I have now hit the full spectrum of my life – that was what was most amazing to me.”

Steve Frey, Financial Planner

“Anyone who is going through any kind of chronic pain condition can benefit from Jamie’s work.”

Not only has my pain overall greatly decreased now, but in some areas the pain is completely gone. With this lessening of disabling pain, my energy has increased, allowing me to do more socially and around the house. I also have a higher sense of self-esteem and confidence. Instead of feeling handicapped, I feel empowered.

My work with Jamie has opened my mind to realize how simple, small steps, such as making adjustments in my posture, can make a huge difference not just in relieving the pain but in changing the chronic pattern so that the pain does not return. I now feel that I have control over my life instead of my illness having control over me!

Jamie’s ability to work with both the body and mind helped me to see and verbalize and bring out into the open the underlying emotions and energies beneath the physical symptoms in my body. With her help I was able to process those emotions and move beyond the physical symptoms and into a place of living life fully again.”

Susan Tichkowski , retired educator

“I was really surprised, considering the severity of my symptoms, at how powerful and quick the shifts have been.”

“I came to see Jamie when I found myself in a place I had never before experienced – a place of severe overwhelm in which I felt massive anxiety and tension, nausea, ongoing sleeplessness, and a dark, lonely sense of failure and hopelessness.

From the onset, I was able to trust Jamie completely. Even before I had an actual appointment, she helped to neutrally evaluate my options and gave me an effective breathing exercise to help diffuse my anxiety until I could get in to see her. She has wonderful skills that provide the framework to release unneeded, imbalanced energy and then provide tools to build inner strength, confidence, and supportive energy — and experience life with a much healthier perspective.

My physical symptoms have greatly improved and, equally important, I am continuing the exploration into all the layers of the issue. Jamie has a way of explaining things concisely and asking targeted questions that help create a pause to delve beneath the surface of the behaviors. Her gentle guidance helped me uncover the core issue beneath my symptoms and empowered me to regain responsibility over what was mine and release what wasn’t mine.

KT, parent and director of non-profit organization

“In my very first session with Jamie, I went from being stuck and unable to make a life-changing decision (which had been haunting me for some time), to becoming empowered with clarity and self confidence.”

“I was able to move forward into a place of peace. I now have my life back!

Jamie has a unique way of providing the structure for the work, yet allowing me to find my own answers. This is incredibly powerful because she not only holds the space for exploring but gives you tangible tools to get the job done — like guided imagery, yoga sets, and exercises that identify restrictions in the body and behavior.

With the heightened awareness I gained through Jamie’s work, I can quickly identify similar barriers when they arise and welcome them with my new tools!

I highly recommend Jamie to anyone who is ready to grow.”

Mercedes Gallagher, “Happy to be Free”
Milwaukee, WI

“Jamie not only dealt with the tension in my muscles, but, more importantly, she taught me how to help myself.”

“While the massages are wonderful, I have come away from my sessions with Jamie with something more powerful – the knowledge, understanding, and tools to know how to take care of myself. Instead of using only external resources to fix me,

I am now an active and empowered participant in my own health!

My biggest result of working with Jamie is my new understanding that the tightness or problems in my muscles and body isn’t permanent; I no longer need to be afraid of not knowing how to deal with what shows up in my body. Now when I have tension or a problem in my body, I have the resources and confidence to know what to do to help myself.”

KV, Drummer Girl

“I walked out of Jamie’s office and had a completely different feeling about myself.”

“When I came in to get some physical relief from exercising too intensely, I wasn’t looking for a big shift – but I ended up there. I was able to share with her personal information that I rarely share with anyone. And from there, I was able to explore what was below my restricted breathing and realize that there were other pieces there that had nothing to do with the physical.

Jamie’s guided use of breath and questions helped me to articulate and release the underlying energy. She gave me the tools to help me open up and be able to breath without feeling like I was suffocating, both literally and figuratively.

Now I feel light in my body and my spirit and have more self trust and self love. From this new space, I am able to go through the challenges in my life with more peace and acceptance.

I also find that all my relationships have improved because, by being clear in myself, I can honor the individual needs and paths of others.

SD. A well wishing soul, putting into practice – “I Am You , We Are One.”

“Jamie has a very powerful energy within herself that holds the space for exploration. Her use of both energy techniques as well as well timed verbal cues and information provided a perfect, effective balance for me to open and shift.”

“I came to see Jamie because I was feeling stuck in life and didn’t know what my next direction was and was feeling scattered. After only one session, I was more centered and grounded within myself and had an increased awareness of my own presence. I also was better able to channel my energy instead of having it leak off.

From this space of openness, awareness, and groundedness, I am able to interact with life in a different way. I am able to act instead of react and to have more peace of mind no matter what shows up in my life. I am able to moderate my activities in a balanced instead of an excessive way and I know when to stop and pause. I make better choices in the moment in terms of self care and boundaries. By being aware, I am more connected to my feelings but also am able to manage those emotions appropriately.”

Wendy Kohlhaas, Addiction Counselor

“You’ve brought my body to a much different place.”

“Your body-mind approach reduced my initial pain 100%! No longer do I have severe issues with my stomach which were limiting my eating, preventing me from feeling comfortable, and preventing me from being able to exercise. Equally important, you helped me see that beyond the physical sensations lay some deeper issues. This awareness provided the opportunity to work on those issues and resolve them so that I came out better on the other side. I now have much more awareness of the effect of the body-mind connection and this has taken me to another level of understanding my body and how to keep it healthy.

You do so well at listening. I know that even when I can’t describe with my words what is needed that you can pick up what’s underneath and focus our session appropriately. Additionally, the breathing and abdominal exercises you showed me provided the perfect tool to do at home to help retain what we had accomplished during the session. I really enjoyed working through this process with you.”

Cynthia Levy, Engineer

“Wow! Jamie has done amazing things in my life.”

“I have seen Jamie for everything from whiplash after a car accident and boating accident (that she was able to completely clear in two sessions) to helping me to align my lifestyle with my body’s desire for greater EASE in my life.

Jamie keeps my body and mind at an even keel and in a consistent balance.

Joan Sparks, Executive Coach


“Ultimately, our work together enables me to strengthen my connection to the divine, allowing me to more often be the mother/sister/partner/friend I hope to be!”

“The one hour I spend with Jamie strengthens my inner connection, clears out the excess energy I’ve picked up from others or my own imbalances, and recharges and cleanses me. This allows me to feel empowered to make authentic choices and resolve issues more efficiently without all the drama.

Jamie provides a neutral and safe space in which she feels the energy, listens to what I’m saying, and knows how to ask the perfect question at just the right time in order to move me forward . She has a special knack for weaving together her professional skills as well as personal stories and experiences in a way that keeps the focus on my needs and issues yet makes me feel like we are working together in partnership.

I go away from my sessions with Jamie with a cleaner, clearer perspective, confident in who I am and what I stand for.”

Kimberly Walbrun, committed to conscious living through personal growth & discovery


“Jamie, you are a wonderful teacher, guide, and mentor.”

“You are truly a gift. I want to thank you again for helping me set my eyes towards clarity. The act of allowing gave me a great little lift that I needed to begin to get back on track.”

AB, Mother and more


“Jamie has given me new tools to work and play with so that I can create a new level of thinking and my history will not repeat itself!”

“She can help you to remember what you have always known. You will be as free and as high as the incredible coach that she is. How high do you want to go?”

BH, searching soul

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